Ningbo Tianbo Ganglian Electronics Co., Ltd.

Tianbo Company respects the “Talent Before Strategy” concept, regards talents as the first resource for enterprise development, and always regards the development of organization and the common growth of talents as one of the important goals of the company's development strategy.Only when the value of talents is given full play, can the enterprise advance rapidly.

In the development process of the company, we will promote the employees and promote talents by giving priority to the internal staff. It has always been the primary goal of the company's human resources management.

The talent promotion standards that the company follows:

1. In line with the company's core values, integrity, dedication, innovation, excellence

2. the principle of both ability and political integrity

3. Have the quality of "put public interests before private ones"

Welcome talents to join Tianbo Company, let us together with the company's vision and mission, grow together and create brilliance!
The company is currently hiring positions: R&D engineers, sales engineers, and other management positions. Welcome to recommend or recommend yourself, delivery